Spring Lawn Care All-In-One-Visit Package from $269

Lawn rolling, core aeration, overfeeding and fertilizing all-in-one-visit – inquire today!

Taylor Lawn Care is beautifying the Greater Hamilton Area one lawn at a time.

Sign up for your 2024 all-in-one-visit spring lawn care special and enjoy having the best lawn in your neighbourhood! Learn more about our spring lawn care services below and what is included in the package.

Garden maintenance services
Garden maintenance services

What’s Included?

Lawn rolling

Our lawn rolling services create a smooth, level surface that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your lawn. Say goodbye to uneven terrain!  Also, lawn rolling helps in breaking up compacted soil, promoting better air circulation to the grassroots.

Core aeration

For a healthy lawn, you need healthy soil. Over time, your soil may become compacted, limiting the amount of oxygen and water that can reach the roots of your grass. We use our plug aeration technology to remove small cylindrical plugs of soil from your lawn to open up more pathways into your grass bed for air and water to reach the roots.


Keep your lawn thick, lush and resistant to weeds and insects! By overseeding, you can fill in any bare spots in your lawn, improve the thickness and quality of your grass and enhance your lawn’s natural colour and vitality – all without tearing into your existing turf.

Lawn fertilizer

Don’t let your garden go hungry — well-fed plants are healthier and more beautiful. Ensure your garden has the nutrients it needs for optimum growth. Our lawn fertilizing corrects this imbalance and provides your garden with the high-quality, eco-friendly supplements it needs to grow.

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