Lawn Dethatching Services in the Greater Hamilton Area

Experienced Lawn Dethatching & Aeration Services

Taylor Lawn Care provides timely, experienced lawn detaching and aeration services for both residential and commercial properties in Hamilton and nearby areas.

Lawn dethatching is extremely important for all lawns that have a large amount of thatch. By performing dethatching on your lawn, it improves water retention, airflow, and it also removes any excess buildup of thatch in your lawn. By breaking up layers of stems and roots within the surface of your lawn’s soil, dethatching ensures that water can get to your lawn’s roots effectively.

Our team uses a large rake design which is able to remove thatch from your lawn. Our mechanical dethatching rake is a fast and effective method of removing thatch. We will ensure that your lawn doesn’t deteriorate, and when the dethatching is complete, you will have a healthy looking lawn.

We recommend performing dethatching services in the spring or fall, when your grass is growing at a healthy rate.

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